From the minds of Fingerlab (multiple-time winner of Music App of the Week, 2012 Apple Design Award) and Jordan Rudess (keyboardist of Dream Theater, 2019 Denny Award winner for the ios app ‘Geoshred’), comes PolyWave, a revolutionary synthesizer technology that employs a novel wavetable sequencer to create unique and ever-evolving sonic experiences. PolyWave is inspired by the vintage sounds of the legendary Korg Wavestation synth.

PolyWave allows you to use your own finger to draw distinct and unrepeatable waveforms. Simply move your finger along your screen, and watch and listen as your unique musical exploration unfolds. With our expansive waveform library at your disposal, the possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for some inspiration before embarking on your own PolyWave journey, check out our 100+ factory preset categories. We offer a variety of options including leads, loops, pads & FX. 

PolyWave can be connected to your favorite keyboard with MIDI, and also functions as an audio unit that can be loaded onto any other DAW. Our built-in live recording module allows you to record your creations right on the app.
*PolyWave is a universal purchase that works across all your devices, including iPhone, iPad and Mac
*The free version of PolyWave is limited to 12 factory presets, and a small selection of our feature options  (see * in features list).

Get the « Full Version » IAP to get all the factory presets and features unlocked.

✔ 8-voice polyphony
✔ 6 octaves
✔ Waveform sequencer
✔ VCO & FM Oscillators
✔ FM Modulation & Detune
✔ ADSR Envelope editor
✔ Moog Ladder filter with ADSR envelope editor
✔ 2 LFOs with 3 parameters per LFO & custom modulation waveform
✔ LFO Sync & Loop mode
✔ Waveform drawing editor
✔ Waveforms library filled with 100 waveforms
✔ Waveform sequencer automations
✔ Create your own preset*
✔ 100 Factory presets*
✔ Preset export & import*
✔ 5 FXs (TubeAmp, Vibrato, Chorus, Delay, Reverb)*
✔ Live recording + export*
✔ Full Midi support
✔ Full Midi Mapping support
✔ AudioBus & IAA support
✔ Full AudioUnit support* (iOS only)
✔ iCloud Family Sharing support

Stay tuned!
Fingerlab Team