General FAQ

Q: Is there any way to run your app up through Apple TV from my iPad?

R: YES !  Tap here for more info

Q: How works iTunes sharing folder


Q: I have an iPad 1 so i cant’ update to iOS6  and i have deleted Multiponk. How can i get it back?

R: Go to the App store then clic on the tab on the bottom right “Purchased“ here you can download it again.

Q: Mircrophone isn’t recognize, what to do?

R: Go to the iPhone or iPad Setting/privacy/Microphone then allow «App»

Q: Do I have the permission to publish and sell the « songs » or the beats that I created with DM1, DFX, Musyc or Rockmate?


Q:With ALBERT App, how to change languages?

R: The language change with the iOS setting, if your iPad setting is set to english, Albert will speak english, if the iPad setting is set to French, Albert will speak French.

Q: I want to contact you how to do?

R: For general purpose, technical question or reporting a bug, read the next chapter and contact us at

Before contact us please:

– Read carefully the FAQ

– We do not support jaibroken devices 

– Try to reboot your iPad or iPhone

– Update your iOS system with the latest available.

For any issue problems we need to know:

– Your iOS systeme (5.1, 6…)

– App name:  (Rockmate, DM1…)

– Your device: (iPad 1, iPhone 5…)

– A short  crash or bug description