The new music experience by Fingerlab
Musyc is a fun and innovative music application where touch turns into music.
No use of piano keyboard or partitions, draw shapes and listen to your piece of music while viewing sounds bouncing on the screen.

Discover the new music application by Fingerlab, winner of the Apple Design Award 2012 for DM1 – The Drum Machine.
Enjoy the 64 instruments (organized into 16 groups) exclusively created and produced at Fingerlab music studio as well as all the exciting and new physical and music tools provided in Musyc.

For more Musyc video on Vimeo, click here

Musyc is free and its full version is available through in-app purchases.

WARNING: Musyc is not compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3 and iPod touch 4.

✔ Graphic design by Jonas Eriksson
✔ Retina Display
✔ Optimized for iPhone 5 and new iPad
✔ High quality sound engine
✔ Ultra-realistic physical engine
✔ Audio track mixer (level, pitch, length, pan, mute)
✔ 2 effect channels with 5 effects (Delay, Overdrive, Reverb, Dalek, Compressor)
✔ Physical sequencer
✔ Motion recorder
✔ Advanced physical objects (planet, black hole, modulator, …)
✔ Real-time audio recording
✔ High-quality or compressed exports (DropBox, SoundCloud, Mail, AudioCopy and iTunes)
✔ Video recording and export to Facebook, Vimeo, Mail and Photo Library
✔ Inter-app audio support
✔ Audiobackground support
✔ 2 skins available: standard and black & white

Coming soon in next updates:

-Midi full implementation
-AudioBus support