Multiponk Featured by Apple: App of the Week June 2010 / iTunes Rewind 2010 / Game Starter Kit / Huddle Game / iOS original

« The graphics and movement / response attributed to a piece to perform in a certain way so closely resembling life perform in a particular way it is instantly easy to be lost, engaged at once for the mechanics of the game are familiar but the digital liberties take it to level up and up and delightful. Want the voices to resold to my comments too. Fun game. Just buy it and play for the whole night til the sun comes and Sunday can easly slip in and out of the gams. This game heals sleep loss and opens other brain areas we need to use more often…to transcend at will. » by Ndylblyss 61brit

« This game is absolutely amazing, it has polished and extremely smooth and addicting game play. » by ANFLU

« Great graphics, fun and surprising features. Must-have multiplayer fun » by AkzoMonakzo

« This is exactly what the iPad should be about, multiplayer games to take advantage of the large multi touch screen. » by LolPad

Thank you for your amazing reviews !!!

The HD graphic designs and the ultra-realistic physical engine will make you feel like playing on an real wooden board. A classic already !
Up to 4 players on iPad and up to 2 players on iPhone & iPod touch.

One finger to control your paddle. Give your ball smooth effects and thwart the traps to win the game !
In Multiplayer mode, catch the bonuses, use the bumpers and beat your opponents.
In Solo mode, try to beat A.I computer and defeat Mr Monster, from standard skin to 8bits skin, or try to beat your score and share it through the Game Center.
Don’t lose control of the ball !

✔ Solo to up to 4 players
✔ Immersive HD design / Retina Display
✔ Realistic physical engine
✔ Game center: Leaderboard & Achievement
✔ Universal binaries (iPad / iPhone / iPodTouch)
✔ 7 game modes : A.I. revenge, classic, baby, crazy, flash, dual, death ball
✔ 11 bonuses: Multiball, Power, Big ball, Gravity, Autopilot, Time warp…
✔ 5 ball sizes
✔ Paddle slice effect
✔ Game statistics
✔ iPod integration: create playlists and control your iPod inside Multiponk
✔ 4 skins ( Standard, 8 Bit, White, Pop)
✔ 14 Original music themes by KingQ4