DFX – Digital Multi-FX

DFX is a powerful real-time Quad Multi-Effects Processor for iPad. With an intuitive and beautiful user interface for easy playability and instant fun.

We are curious. We like new experiences. We welcome unexpected discoveries. And we are musicians. It therefore was an obvious choice for us to develop for the iPad the multi-effects that we wanted, that we needed for our thirst for sound. Four powerful and multipurpose chained effects, driven by trackpads for fast and easy sonic explorations. Like a million of pedal boards on a device.

Plug in any audio source, a guitar, a bass, a microphone, a DJ mixer. Or play your favorite iOS synth or drum machine with Audiobus or Apple Inter-App Audio. Or why not playing a track from your iTunes Music Library. Or even more just use one of the built-in tone synthesizers. Select one, two, three or four effects amongst 35 hi-quality digital audio effects and explore endless sonic possibilities. Delays, echos, reverbs, filters, tremolo, autowah, compressors, distortions, vocoders, resonators, etc… more possibilities that you can imagine. Expand your sonic world to new frontiers.

Simple, intuitive and fun. No user guide required ;^)

✔ From the makers of DM1 – The Drum Machine
✔ Designed by Jonas Errikson
✔ 10 effect categories (Delay,Reverb,Filter,Phase,Modulation,Distortion,Voice FX,Pan,Dynamics,Instruments)
✔ More than 35 effects
✔ 4 playable trackpads with real-time waveforms
✔ Live Effect Swapping
✔ Live recording
✔ Recordings manager
✔ Recordings exporter
✔ Built-in Countdown
✔ Built-in Tone Synths (high and bass)
✔ Built-in Output Limiter for a controlled output
✔ Built-in Metronome
✔ Tempo Synced animations
✔ Effect Solo Mode
✔ iTunes playback
✔ Presets Manager (factory & user)
✔ Fullscreen Favorite Presets for fast live access